Why WordPress is so Powerful

WordPress is a powerful CMS (content management software) that currently powers over 40 percent of all websites currently on the Internet and hold 60 percent of all sites that utilize a CMS. However, given the stronghold that WordPress holds, many just don’t understand it or are overwhelmed by it. My goal in this post is to help you understand the power of WordPress, demystify this powerful giant, and explain the benefits of using it over other content management solutions.

Why People Are Intimidated by WordPress

The main reason that people are intimidated by WordPress compared to the other solutions on the market is that the competitors are relatively simple to understand and the learning curve is relatively low. Because of the flexibility and scalability mentioned earlier, there are way too many choices that can baffle a novice user. Hence, is why it is the choice of professional website designers.

Another major contributing factor is that the backend of WordPress is still a bit archaic. WordPress still uses the same dashboard that was created almost twenty years ago. However, we are getting closer to making the experience a little better. The developers are slowly changing it to look and feel more like the newer interfaces, but it is taking time to redesign the interface that many have become familiar with.

The backend interface should not be a reason to walk away from using WordPress as the engine for your website. It is the most utilitarian solution and most used solution on the Interner. So, let’s take a look at this powerful, but silent giant.

WordPress is a Multi-Purpose Tool

WordPress had a basic start as a simple blogging platform back in 2003 when it was originally created. It was designed to be a solution to a piece of software that had not been updated in some time. Therefore, it’s creators, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, went about to create modify, update, and enhance the software they were currently using at that time. However, they did not realize the monster that they would be creating that would change the online publishing world.

The main power of WordPress is that is is a mult-purpose tool or engine. It can be manipulated to support just about any online solution that the creator or client wishes with the addition of one or more plugins. Out of the box, it can serve as a simple website or blogging publishing software. However, the power is in the multitude of plugins that are available for free (and for a fee) to turn WordPress into practically any kind of site one can imagine. Below are a few of the types of plugins available:

  • Access control
  • eCommerce
  • Intranet
  • Project Management
  • CRM (Customer Resource Manager)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Real Estate manager

Types of Sites One can Create

Because of this never ending list of plugins created by contributors around the world, it is possible to create websites with just about any arrangement of features. And if the feature is not currently available, you can create your own plugin or adapt an existing one. Either way, here is a list of sites that can be created with WordPress and a handful of plugins:

  • Search Engine Optimized blog
  • Online Store
  • Social Media site (similar to Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Bulletin Board site

Difference between WordPress and other Platforms

WordPress can be Moved

The major difference between WordPress and the other web publishing systems on the market is that you own the site and the software. In other words, any WordPress site can be moved freely from one host to another much like when you move from one house to another. You take your personal posessions with you. However, with the other platforms, there is no easy way to make a copy of the entire site and simply move it from one place to another. You would need to litteraly rebuild the entire site.

It’s Flexible

Another major difference between WordPress and the other platforms is its scalability and flexibility. Although the other platforms allow you to add components to enhance your site, you do not have carte blanche as to what and how you want to enhance your site. You’re limited to the tools that are built into the solution. There are multiple solutions available for WordPress that allow you to fulfill your wishes. And..at any time you have ablility to put out one plugin and try another.

It’s Scalable

Another major characteristic of WordPress and other open source publishing solutions is that it’s scalable. What does this mean? It simply means that WordPress will grow with your needs over time. WordPress can handle any site from the smallest to the largest, the biggest detail is how much resource it is given. Where does the resource come from? It all depends on the hosting resources you subscribe to at your host. Hosting packages run from the inexpensive to the thousands per month depending on whether it’s a shared package or a dedicated server.


WordPress is a powerful web publishing tool that can accomplish pretty much any task that can be thrown at it. It can be a simple blog as it was originally created for back in 2003 when the co-founders forked it for B2Cafe, it can serve as a simple website publishing software, host an e-commerce store using one of many e-commerce solutions, or a membership-based restricted access only site. The sky is the limit. However, because of this great diversity, it is a very complex and hard to understand soltution for many. However, with some planning and understanding of the power and capability that the software has, it is easy to grasp its potential.

If you’re interersted in developing or need assistance with your existing WordPress based site, we offer coaching and consulting solutions that will get you on the right track. Just contact us!

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