The Best Time to Start a Business

When is the best time to start a new business or revise an existing one? There really is no great answer since there are many dependencies that are tied to it. In reality, the best time to start a business was sometime in the past. However, that’s the usual excuse. In this post, I’ll take a look at when the best times to start a business are.

Months or Years Ago

In all honesty, we all should have started a business years ago when we were either younger or had less financial stress to contend with. There should have been some thought to this during college or just after that first job after college. The main reason to start a business is to make money and generate finanacial freedom to do the things you really, really want to achieve in life. If we enjoy what we do, this is not really a problem. The problem is that we create excuses for why not. Therefore, we never create the business at that time.

The other thing that holds us back in the past was all the thinking that was done about how to make the business perfect. Many of us tend to be perfectionists, so we try to anticipate everything. In doing so, we delay and delay the hard part…starting. Therefore, that pushes the starting date further and further out.

Another reason that we all use is that we need the benefits package. Yes…there is a little bit of value to that statement, but think about it. If you’re making enough money, the cost of that benefit becomes insignificant in relation to the profits that you weren’t making in the past. Again, we’re just afraid and rather keep working for The Man.

Sometime in the Future

The other excuse is to say I’ll start the business when…[insert your excuse here.] Normally, it’s something like “When the kids get older”, “When I retire” or some other silly reason which may or may not come.

The reason that we typically say this is to give ourselves more time to procrastinate, rather than putting things in order to get it all together and moving. We’re just not comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s easier to just put the whole thing off into the future.

The Best Time is Now

If you haven’t already, the best time to get up and start your business is right now! While the economy is in a turmoil, now is the time to get your ducks in order and start. Create a basic plan, start telling those you know and get going. Yes, this is all easy to say, but it is the truth. Deal with the elephants in the room and get going. No time will ever be the best time to get started.

You have what it takes to make it happen, you simply need to believe in yourself and get going. If people have been holding you back, stop listening, find mentors and friends to help cheer you on your way. It can be a challenging road, but at the end the fruits of your work will be great and rewarding.

If you’ve been considering starting a side-hustle or full-time business and still have questions, schedule a discovery session today with me. Now is the time to start so you can start reaping the benefits of business ownernship and being an entrepreneur.

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